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Guten Appetit! A delicious journey through another Germany
Fly With Me, a Fusion of Poetry and Images
Hello Paris
A tour from Paris to Duesseldorf in Germany
Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica
Chicago at the begin of  Route 66
The Santa Monica Pier at the end of Route 66
1888 Train from Hill City to Keystone
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Sunrise over Tuscany
Viens in Provence, France
Stillwater, Minnesota

Once a writer, always a writer: Ute Buehler used to write her own technical and seminar manuals when still working as a consultant in the IT world of corporate Europe. After immigrating into the United States she started a new career as photographer and writer combining photography with words, attracting the reader with beautiful images that tell the stories as intensely as the words do. 


The Author of Travel Books

Her travel stories, with her award winning Cook and Travel book “Guten Appetit!” about her northern part of Germany as the first publication, reflect her beautiful photography combined with the culture and history of country and area she guides the reader to. Also, as a believer that the culture of a country or region is best felt and understood through their food traditions, she adds to each chapter a tasting of the local cooking in a background story and recipes. Foreign cultures are something that need to be discovered, experienced, appreciated and documented in work, image—and food.


The Poet

Ute Buehler says "Poetry happens, I don't write it, it writes itself through me, keeps me awake at night until I get up and write it down" -- which she has published in her first poetry book "Fly With Me". 


The Photographer

Ute Buehler's constant companion since the age of 10 was a camera. She added classes in photography and design, and worked as a freelance photographer in her home country, Germany, specializing in portrait and product photography. She believes that photography sometimes tells the stories without words. 

Her photography was exhibited locally and nationally, can be found in private collections and is published internationally.

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