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Guten Appetit!


A delicious journey through another Germany.

German cooking beyond pork knuckles and spaetzle.


An award winning travel-  and cook guide through the states north of the Main River of Germany, many of them off the beaten path. Author Ute Buehler takes the reader through twelve months of seasonal food, events, and history. She offers local traditional menus and fills in some information about these traditions and customs of the areas.


Twelve venues, twelve menus and as many dishes based on months, seasons, and their traditional local events. The recipes are authentic, based on a collection of family and friends’ home cooking, all of them tested with American ingredients and American measurements. A fun journey.

ISBN 978-0-9770749-0-7



Fly With Me

9780977074921 FWM Cover.jpg

With deep feeling and insight, Ute Buehler s words and photographic eye soar over a broad psychological  landscape of family, health, and healing.


Whether observing the parade of vanities along a river promenade or steeping herself and her readers in the humming harmony of silence on the prairie, Ute s feeling for the earth and the people who populate it is both passionate and soul-centering.


In this, her first collection, Ute Buehler invites you to Come Fly with Me. I suggest you accept the invitation. You ll be glad you did. --Jeanne Emrich, author of The Pleiades at Dawn.

ISBN 978-0-9770749-2-1


Fly With Me
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