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A delicious journey

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German cooking at its best, beyond pork knuckles and spaetzle.


A cookbook and travel guide through the states north of the Main River of Germany, many of them off the beaten path. Author Ute Buehler takes the reader through twelve months of seasonal food, events, and history. She offers local traditional menus and fills in some information about these traditions and customs of the areas.


Twelve venues, twelve menus and as many dishes based on months, seasons, and their traditional local events. The recipes are authentic, based on a collection of family and friends’ home cooking, all of them tested with American ingredients and American measurements.

A fun journey.


I was excited when I saw this “cookbook” that featured traditions of areas where my forefathers had lived in Germany. It was so much more than a cookbook. The author/photographer/foodie compiled interesting historical tidbits, and mixed them with family memories of travel—and food.


The book is smartly designed into 12 chapters, each one focusing on an area and its main population center’s holiday or reason people travel there. Some are well-known cities; others not. The photos are lovely and really give the reader a great idea of what lies ahead for a visitor.

I was trying to decide which was my favorite of the 12 destinations, but each one held some interesting travel information and of course, food options. February in Düsseldorf, where the author lived before marrying and moving to the U.S., has a carnival (Mardi Gras) for Lent.

Lovely trip planning and food guide. Connie Anderson, editor and author

ISBN 978-0-9770749-0-7

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