Route 66 through 9 states
Malta, Island in the Mediterranean Sea

The Photographer

Ute Buehler's constant companion since the age of 10 was a camera.


She added classes in photography and design, and worked as a freelance photographer in her home country, Germany, specializing in portrait and product photography. She believes that photography sometimes tells the stories without words. 

Her photography was exhibited locally and nationally, can be found in private collections and is published internationally.


01 IL Chicago Music Hall CMYK 150
02 MO Hannibal DSC02625 CMYK 150 2
03 KS Galena IMG_3329 CMYK 150 2
04 OH Infinity DSC03087 CMYK 150
05 TX Conoco IMG_3229 CMYK 150
06 NM Wagon Train IMG_3363 CMYK 150
06 NM Sante Fe DSC02988 CMYK 150
07 AZ continental Divide IMG_3330 CMYK 1
07 AZ GalaxyDiner DSC03078 CMYK 150
08 NV Death Valley DSC03202 CMYK 150 2
09 CA End of Route 66 DSC04214 CMYK 150.

Who has not heard of Route 66, the Mother Road of America. It was built in 1926 to connect Chicago, Illinois  on Lake Michigan to Los Angeles (Santa Monica), Califormnia on the Pacific Ocean. 

It is a fun trip. Route 66 went through 9 states, and partially followed the big wagon tracks of the early 1800s when settlers conquered the West. 



Abiitan Malta Show 2021.001
Abiitan Malta Show 2021.002
Abiitan Malta Show 2021.007
Abiitan Malta Show 2021.011
Abiitan Malta Show 2021.010
Abiitan Malta Show 2021.006
Abiitan Malta Show 2021.005
Abiitan Malta Show 2021.015

Ah Malta, our favorite island in Europe to go to. At first sight, it seems to be a little rock of pink or gold colored lime stone in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, dusty and dry. On second view, however, and especially after a rain shower in October, it's magic. blossoms pop from every crack in these rocks, everything looks clean scrubbed, it is beautiful.