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  • Ute Buehler

ROUTE 66 - The Mother Road of America

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Who has not heard of Route 66? I would suggest that US 66, also called the Mother Road, the

Main Street of America or the Will Rogers Highway, has been depicted in songs, films, tv series, cartoon movies like “Cars,” and has become an iconic travel attraction. We have seen bikers galore riding their Harley Davidsons during our journeys along the road.

With a length of 2,440 miles it connects Chicago, IL with Santa Monica, CA. Built in 1926 it was replaced by I-40 and in 1985 removed from the official US Highway System. Many of the original roads through towns and along I-44/40 look pretty much like the one pictured above. And, of course, the demise of old Mother Road has had an economic impact on the cities along it as well. Travelers don’t stop anymore for staying or dining, and many of these stops have turned into sleepy little towns and cities.

However, fans of historic Route 66 fought to keep the highway alive. Associations were formed and published wonderful books, guides, maps and more. Thus Route 66 became a legend, a must-travel road– by bike, car or RV. It is still very much alive and many of the sleepy little towns along it are recovering.

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